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Some time around 1998 I was in a live room tracking horn parts as a side man on an album session for Acid Jazz records. Fast forward some years later and I still often find myself in the same live room! A lot has happened in between, but the studio remains a familiar environment.

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Truly above our expectations, you’re an absolute sax wizard!

Ugly Heads

\\ How I Work //

Whether it’s a gentle ballad or a screaming sax solo you need, I’ve got you covered! I can record parts you’ve written, either reading from your sheet music or playing by ear, and I can improvise my own riffs and solo’s inline with the vibe of your track.

Working in Logic Pro X I’ll prepare my stems as 24-bit WAV’s (or to your spec), and they’ll be ready to drop straight into your session with plenty of head room for mastering.

I’m playing regularly in Pop, Rock, Soul, Jazz, House and Electro settings, and I’m connected with some really great musicians across many genres and instruments, should your project need any help beyond the sax!

\\ Studio //

I have 24hr access to a dedicated professional recording studio which offers the flexibly of a good medium sized live room, as well as heavily dampened more isolated environments, and there’s some lovely sounding corridors! I can multitrack with the DAW on location too, should the need for that arise.

If you have an awesome sounding location in mind it should be no problem, as long as there’s power!

\\ Mics //

My go to choice for the sax is always the active big ribbon, AEA’s R84A. It’s got that classic warm and smooth ribbon vibe, and it is very flexible with colouration and proximity. Other mics include:

  • AEA R84A

  • Neumann U87A

  • Electrovoice RE20

  • Lewitt LCT450

  • Sennheiser 421

  • Beyer Dynamic M201TG

\\ Instruments //

  • Tenor - Selmer Mk VI (main)

  • Alto - Yanagisawa 991

  • Flute - Pearl Solid Silver

  • EWI - Akai EWI400s

  • Harps - Suzuki Manji

  • Keys - Nord Electro 5D

  • Piano - Yamaha U30BL


\\ Gallery //

\\ Drop Me A Line //

Drop me a line and start the conversation about getting the sax down on your next track. Let’s work together to create something great!

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