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\\ Matt Case : Mark Hand //

I’ve been collaborating with Mark in the studio and on live stages for many years, producing sounds that cover Deep House, Electro, Ambient and Alt Jazz genres. With releases out on various labels, we’re currently working on our original music for forthcoming release, as well as reworking some classic jazz standards into a new Electro vibe!  

\\ Ugly Heads //

Laid back Hip Hop infused Jazz vibes from the North East of England! The first EP Hard Pursue is out now, with the second release coming soon!

\\ The Detroit 45s //

With one foot in the Northern Soul sound and the other firmly planted in the Motown vibe, The Detroit 45s make original instrumental music for synchronisation and placement. Their tunes get aired on genre specific radio, and on rare occasions they make live appearances too! The band are currently preparing material for a forthcoming vinyl release... and no, they do not take their tongue-in-cheek vintage video pastiches seriously!

\\ Jarvis Humby //

One of my earliest studio and live collabs dating back to around 1998. I was playing a lot of Alto sax during this time, laying it down on the Humby's Assume The Position album, and playing it on the bands live shows. Sadly I didn’t get to play on the US tour when the band saw success in the states, but the album did get reissued years later and the (now rare) vinyl still get spun out, along with the bands other work, in the underground Mod Rock and Psychedelic Rock scenes. 

\\ Drop Me A Line //

If you’d like to collaborate, drop me a line and start the conversation!

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