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Get the party going with the ultimate live combo and let the Sax & DJ bring the party to the dance floor! 

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From minute one of his set the dance floor was full! Highly Recommend

Ryan Payne

The Sax is the perfect accompaniment to the music a great DJ plays, whether that’s a contemporary House vibe, or more classic tracks from the Motown, Funk and Soul sound. I’ve played alongside DJ’s for years in many different settings, held main room residencies in major clubs and worked with well known International brands. 


The DJs I supply and work with are nightclub professionals with many years experience entertaining crowds in both the UK and abroad. They all use industry standard Pioneer DJ equipment and will seamlessly mix music to keep the energy up on your dance floor. We’ll play a credible and engaging set that is based on your preferences. We’ll ask you for a selection of tracks so that we can get the feel for your sound, and we’ll also ask for any tracks that must not be played! 


The Sax injects an exciting energy amongst the audience as it drops in and freestyles alongside the DJ, and it’s the best way to guarantee a busy dance floor! 


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Bring the club experience to your party. Drop me a line and start the conversation!

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